How much will it cost for studying in Hebei?

Studying in Hebei is relatively much cheaper than studying and living in other cities of China.
Application fee: RMB 400 - 600
Visa fee: RMB 400
Tuition fee: RMB 14,000 to RMB 26,000 annually, the tuition fee is depended on which university you will apply for and which program you would like to study.
Accommodation: RMB 6000 -9000 per year
Textbook: RMB 200-600, which is depended on the program you select
Living cost: about RMB 1000 per month, mainly depending on your lifestyle, eating at the school canteen is very cheap.

How is the transportation of Hebei?

Hebei is situated on the rim of the Bohai Bay and neighboring Beijing and Tianjin, the capital of Hebei province has a location of strategic significance and is growing into a key transportation center.

It has a widespread road network, air service to more than 20 domestic cities and 10 international cargo routes and one of China's three biggest cargo railway stations.

With the Capital-Beijing and Port City–Tianjin in the North, and Bohai Sea and North China Oilfields in the east, and the towering Taihang Mountains and the coal bases in China–Shanxi Province in the west, Shijiazhuang City was called "the Nation Capital's Suburbs"in the old times. Shijiazhuang City enjoys convenient transportation conditions, called as "a gate from south to north and the throat from Hebei to Shanxi".

Is it difficult to communicate with the local people of Hebei province? Do the people speak Mandarin or the local dialect?

The cities of Hebei province are medium-sized cities, rather than a major metropolis like Beijing or Shanghai. The local people are very welcoming to foreigners and are eager to talk to them. International students have no trouble making friends in Hebei. And Hebei province is near to Beijing, so the local people speak Mandarin without accent, it is very easier for the international students to communicate with the local people.

Is the physical check-up certificate required by the universities in Hebei?

Yes, the physical exam results is required by all the universities in Hebei. Without the physical check-up certificate, Hebei local government will not provide the visa application form (JW202 form) to the applicants.

How long does it cost for the universities in Hebei to deal with the application?

Processing time for Chinese language application is less than degree program application. Normally, you can get the admission decision in 2 to 4 weeks for Chinese language application. But the universities deal with degree programs application at a certain time. Usually, applications for fall semester will be processed after Mar, and the processing time is from 1 to 2 months. This also depends on your qualification and the university that you would like to apply for.

If I do not like to live at the dormitory of the university, can I rent house outside? Is it allowed to live outside of the campus by the universities in Hebei?

Generally speaking, Hebei government do not allow the international students to live outside for the base of the university management of the student's safety. The universities will have all kinds of the rooms for the student to select, single room, double room, each room or set is equipped with bathroom, refrigerator, TV, telephone, air-conditioner and internet line bug, free use of public reading room, entertainment room and computer room, laundry are also available. Some universities also provide the public kitchen for the students to cook food. There are student canteens sit on the campus, including the Muslim canteen. So it is more convenient and cheap to live at the university campus.

However, if you do want to live outside, you should contact the university that you will go for in advance to see if they allow you to rent house.

Is there any program taught by English at the universities in Hebei?

Yes, many universities in Hebei can teach the programs for bachelor, master and doctorate in English. And they are mainly MBBS, business programs, and engineering programs. Generally speaking, the English-taught programs are much expensive than the Chinese-taught programs, while if you study in Hebei, the universities there will charge relatively cheaper tuition fee than you study in other place. If your native language is English, or your class was taught in English when you studied at the high school of your own country, you don't have to provide English proficiency certificate.